MRH Dec 2013 Sneak Peek - What's Neat

22 Nov 2013

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12:21 - December 2013 What's Neat retrospective (2013)

Sneak Peek from the December issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist!

MRH What's Neat columnist Ken Patterson takes a look back at the first 12 months of What's Neat this Week columns and pulls out a quick best of recap, plus adds great new footage of trains running to make a real holiday treat for the eyes. You don't want to miss Ken's garden railway trains plowing real snow!


Again, Ken Patterson and crew wow's us with ideas that are never ending.  Love the snow plowing.  I was suprised at the traction of the engines as the snow seemed fairly wet and heavy.  I bet if the snow was colder and finer texture it would have been flying off the plow.  Great job.   Doug