High Speed Passion (Rough cut)

10 Nov 2013

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9:17 - Jason Shron and the Turbo Train. (2010)

Jason Shron has been obsessed with the United Aircraft TurboTrain since he was two years old. It has been over 40 years since the TurboTrain first rocketed to its record-breaking speeds and touched the hearts of a new generation of rail and transportation enthusiasts. Part train, part jet aircraft, the TurboTrain was the latest in ground transport innovation. But the Turbo's promise of a new era of passenger travel sadly went unfulfilled, and Jason shares some of this story from his own experiences and research on this amazing piece of railroad technology.

Jason started Rapido Trains Inc., a company that manufactures -- among other things -- a working scale model of the Turbo. Jason could pretend he is a well-rounded individual by listing his other interests and hobbies, but who would he be kidding? He is a train-obsessed nut case ...

NOTE: This is a special rough cut made available to TMTV charter members.


Very enlighting video. 

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great  i really learned somethings about the turbo

I just want to clarify - is this rough cut for a limited time, then a full version will be here, or is the limited time meaning, the rough cut will be gone and the full version will not replace it?  This is a fascinating bit of history and I hope there will be a way to get the video somehow in the future.  I'm quite disappointed that I missed out on Rapido's Turbo when it came out.  

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That is a question that can't be answered just yet.  Much of the footage in this segment still needs to be acquired in high-definition before it can be called finished.  That's going to take some time and honestly, we may never be able to get access to some of the original CN films.  The cost of purchasing a high-definition copy of the 30-seconds of National Film Board footage that was used in this piece is about $1000 alone.  Certainly any version that does get re-edited will look completely different from this one.  But we did want to make it available for folks to see it so they could get a sense of how TrainMasters TV got its start, and this seemed like a good way to give subscribers a little extra treat at the same time.


executive producer, TrainMasters TV

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Barry, I don't think anybody will complain if the old footage is not in hi-def.

What a great story!

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Actually Bill, the archive footage is an internet download and I can't even call it lo-def.  How about "no-def"?  :)

If you watch the Turbo story on a big screen you will quickly see how unacceptable it would be to put that out into the world in its present form.  However, as a rough cut it can still be enjoyed without me having to make a public apology for the quality.

it would seam that a modle that cost 500.$ would at lease run .i have seen the turbo train at shows and yes falling of the track. my turbo has been put in the garbage can. i cant blame my track i use fast track jigs and all my stock runs well  repido needs to spend some time running ther stuff the canadian oh same thing .on the ground i wonder how long it took to film this . great job

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I assume you contacted Rapido about your less-than-satisfying turbo model? I'm sure Jason would work to make it right for you, including a refund if you still weren't satisfied.

Throwing it in the trash was a bad idea, IMO.


Got to love the passion jason has for the turbo trains. Very cool wish they were still running.


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That was awesome!

I've always liked the attitude and passion of Rapido!