Diesel weathering 2: LV (D&H) C420, part 1

13 Apr 2016

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43:56 - Diesel weathering 3: LV (D&H) C420, part 1 (2016)

For diesel weathering project 3, Mike Confalone weathers an ex-Lehigh Valley (now D&H) Alco C420. Mike starts with two prototype photos and then attacks the roof, obliterating all the hood color with characteristic Alco soot and oil using PanPastels along with a touch of oil. Next, Mike weathers the cab and nose with dirty grime. Finally, Mike moves on to the side, adding depth to the screens and doing hood seam shadowing with a black oil wash. Part one of two.

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Mike...I cannot believe you have besmirched the good name of Alco by saying " Characteristic Alco weathering from soot and even oil being blown thru the exhaust stack " Well !!! Glad to see you have finally gotten around to my favorite locomotive ! I was very curious how you were going to handle the " Unique " exhaust from the Alco's. I have more of the switcher class Alco's...but I am sure this will carry over to them as well. Once again, you have shown excellent technique in putting the nasty to a beautiful ( albiet filthy ) locomotive. Can't wait for part two !!!!


Mike, when you apply the initial coat of Dullcote, do you mask the trucks?  If not, do you clean the wheels immediately afterwards or wait until the weathering is complete?


Hey mike iam a little disappointed that your haven't done a weathering of a black diesel...now that's a challenge!  I understand why  you choose lighter colored diesel for contrast but come on!  Don't you like a challenge to

Mike,  Much enjoying your weathering series.  What ratio of white paint do you add to your Dullcote mixture for the fading effect?


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Mike, right at the end of the intro it says on your chest, "NO AIRBRUSH REQUIRED" and then at the 7 minute mark you mention that you gave the loco a very heavy coat of Dullcote with a mix of white to tone down the red paint. The only way that you could have added white to the Dullcote was, TO USE AN AIRBRUSH. I fully agree with what you have done since I use a similar method but the phrase NO AIRBRUSH REQUIRED is incorrect. 

That said I have always been a fan of your work. I love the look that you have achieved on your rolling stock, locos and especially your layout! 

Ralph Renzetti

Trainmasters "Extreme Weathering"

Yes, it's true Mike cheated on the fading by applying white to the Dullcote and using an airbrush. (wagging finger, winking, and ornery grin)

The truth is, you can also get a fade by using the PanPastels, and it would be nice to demo that some time on video. Or you can use Gary Christensen's method of applying a lightened wash of acrylic paint of a similar but lighter color and then scrubbing down the lettering with a toothpick to remove the fade (if you prefer).