Diesel weathering 1: D&H U23B, part 2

23 Mar 2016

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49:59 - Diesel weathering 1: D&H U23B, part 2 (2016)

Mike Confalone continues with diesel weathering project 1, the D&H "Gray Ghost" U23B. Here in part 2, Mike weathers the fuel tank and running boards with oils, and then adds more PanPastel weathering to the running boards, loco front, and truck sideframes, adding a bit of oil accent to fnish things off. Finally, Mike powers up this sound-equipped loco and runs it around New Sharon yard. Part two of two.

>>> Watch diesel project 2: B&M GP38-2, part 1.

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Tbgarland's picture


One of the coolest techniques is watching the capillary action of the oil wash fill the seems. Did you come up with this technique on your own or learn it from someone else? It along with the powders and artist oils produce excellent end results. Also on a side note the most likely reason a fuel filler cap is clean is due to the mechanic's glove from the constant handling during refueling. The end hand rails are clean from this same effect as crew members mount and dismount the locomotive. 

This was great fun watching this video. I'm looking forward to your next project since I'm an EMD fan myself. If you have ever run a U23B or B23-7 like me you would probably be an EMD fan too. Lol!

Tim Garland

Loved the weathering video. My only "issue" was the way it sounded when you fired it up. It had a very tinny sound, more so than what i have usually heard. Could it have just been the audio not picking up the lower sounds? I realize that with the smaller speakers you are limited in the lower frequency band but the sounds this locomotive made were not as good as what I have heard from some small speakers. When you were done with the loco it look awesome. I have seen some GE U-boats that are still in service and your weathering did them justice. They do belch out some smoke. I have a friend that has called them honorary steam locomotives of the 21st century. I am really enjoying the weathering series you are filming and always look forwards to the next video to see what you do next. Video's like this are an asset to the hobby. Thank you for taking the time to film them and share them with the rest of us.         -Best Regards, Bill




Hi Bill,

That initial start-up was using my lapel mic and it didn't capture much. The other clips were with an external mic. It's difficult to capture sound with a camera. It's way more robust in person. That particular FDL-12 sound file is awesome, and in person has a nice chug to it and some pretty darn good bottom end. That unit has an iphone speaker.

Mike Confalone

Hi Tim,

Yes I came up with the oil wash idea. Folks have used the India Ink and alcohol wash for a long time, but this works better in my view, especially for weathering diesels. The capillary action is really cool to watch. So effective!



Looking forward to the next one.

I like the use of picture on picture to show the prototype during the weathering process. Good job.

yes Mike, it sounds very realistic. I have (and still do) spend many hours watching U-26 locos hauling coal trains up the mountain grades in New Zealand's South Island, the sound is mighty impressive when they bite into the 3% gradient. What with your weathering and the sound, it is about as convincing as it is possible to get in something a fraction the size of the real thing.

Looking forward to the next installment!

Andrew Thompson