Canyon Creek Scenics conifers - vendor profile

26 Dec 2013

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16:20 - Canyon Creek's Pete Vassler makes furnace filter conifers (2006)

Canyon Creek Scenics' Pete Vassler talks about how his company makes great looking conifers from furnace filters.

Pete demonstrates the tree-building techniques he uses so you can make the trees yourself if you want, or you can contact Canyon Creek Scenics ( and order trees from them.


I thought there were NO ads onTMTV.

This is a 16 minute ad


Hmm.  16 minute ad?  First, this is a special feature from Joe Fugate's DVD series that came out a number of years ago.  Second, he shows you how to make the trees YOURSELF and then provides many ideas for you to try as well.  It is a very informative video about conifer trees, but yes, he does show his product line to illustrate the different types of trees.  If all you got out of it was a 16 minute ad, then I'm afraid you missed a significant part of the video.

I'll say it again.

I thought there were NO ads onTMTV.

This is a manufacturer/vendor profile that was part of the Siskiyou Line DVD series from 2006. It includes a nice how-to on making these trees yourself if you want, and we received a number of requests to also post this video to TMTV.

What would you expect a vendor profile to be? We've said all along in all the TMTV promos that we will do vendor profiles. A vendor profile tells you about the manufacturer and what they do - and yes that means we mention product (it's what they do, after all). If you want to pretend no one in the hobby ever sells anything, you can chose to just pass up vendor profile videos if you prefer.

Ads get in your face - they interrupt some other video you are trying to watch whether you like it or not - just watch YouTube to see how in-your-face and popup ads work. TMTV does not and will never do in-your-face or popup ads. Manufacturer profile videos that mention product - yes. In-your-face or popup ads - never.

Just watch the two promo videos for TMTV and you will see we make NO SECRET that we will do manufacturer/vendor profiles to document what they produce for the hobby. We don't live in a sterile world - manufacturers/vendors are often hobbyists too, and telling a bit of their company's story is also part of documenting the hobby on video. If you don't like the fact we tell vendor stories too, then just don't watch these videos.

We always clearly mark vendor profile videos and give you the option to NOT WATCH THEM. Read the description to this video, it's clearly marked as a VENDOR PROFILE. Now that you know what a vendor profile is, when you see that, if you don't like to hear about someone who's in the commercial side of the hobby and what they do, then just move on. We don't force you to watch it.

Fair enough!

Very cool! Pete makes a very realistic connifer,  compleat forest system and his work is excellent. He offers a valuable service to modlers every where. You can't do it all.

Leonard Lee Davis