4.15: Siskiyou Line - Conifer trees

20 Nov 2013

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12:59 - Realistic conifer trees made fast (2008)

Getting good looking conifer trees in model scenery has been labor-intensive at best. Not any longer -- learn fast and easy techniques for making forests of fantastic looking evergreen trees for your layout. Joe Fugate demonstrates the process step-by-step in this segment.


You mention the special features section in your video for the foreground trees but I do not see that section on the website?  Is this a future episode?  I would especially like to know how to model the dead pine you have on the layout.

Oh yes, the special feature on pine trees by Pete Vassler. We'll get that posted in the next few days.

Cool I am really looking forward to it.  BTW great job on Trainmasters, keep up the great work.


Yes, please--the Pete Vassler article will be much appreciated. Any foreground treemaking where the results will be a centerpiece or under a lot of scrutiny would be very helpful. Keep up the great and thoughful work. I'm glad I subscribed.





after this fine series/"season", I 'd like to know, if "season 5" of the Siskiyou Series will also be published.

Many thanks,

a rather new TMTV member

A, sorry, I just have noticed, that "until part 15" also covers "season 5".
Thus all clear.