4.14: Siskiyou Line - Deciduous trees

18 Nov 2013

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8:00 - Realistic deciduous trees made fast (2008)

Learn to make great looking deciduous trees in record time with this how-to video segment. See the complete tree building process demonstrated step-by-step and learn expert secrets for quickly making hardwood trees for your layout that get oo's and ah's from your visitors.


Great clinic on tree building Joe. Quick, cheap, realistic, and plentaful. I know after preping I've made at least 300 trees in the time it takes to watch a football game. Your method is very simmilar to Don Ledgers scenery work on his Moose Canyon Freight Facility (Mainline Modler Nov. Dec.1999, and Jan. 2000). Amazing how deep a 14" shelf can look, such rich textures, and how quickly it can be acheived.

Leonard Lee Davis