4.13: Siskiyou Line - Ground cover

17 Nov 2013

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7:51 - Rocks, bushes and ground cover (2008)

Now that you have your basic rough scenery form in place, it's time to work from the ground up adding details. This segment shows how to add the bushes and other basic ground cover -- forming a great foundation for further details like trees and water.


Great scenery techniques Joe, I have the DVD's on this and I have learned a huge amount from watching your films. Thanks for sharing your techniques with us!

Joe I still consider myself new to the site (almost a month) , I have not been able to watch everything as of yet but I am working on it.  I just watched a 2008 video of your technique on ground cover and bushes, I enjoyed it and learned few things about product (brand name) mixing and color variation as well as droping bushes into place with hot glue rather than full strength white glue. Thanks a bunch. hope to see some up dates from your layout..