4.11: Siskiyou Line - Static grass applicator

14 Nov 2013

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9:39 - Build your own static grass applicator (2008)

Hobby experts know that static grass produces very realistic tall model grass, but a commercial static grass applicator sells for almost $200. Joe Fugate shows you step-by-step how to build your own static grass applicator for under $30, saving you a bundle!


Two things have changed since this video was made in 2008. First, R.C. Cooke's website is no more, and the static ion generator shown is no longer available. The closest equivalent 12V static ion generator available today can be had from Oatley Electronics in Australia.

Excellent.  Appreciate you providing the purchase places or the parts as well.


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I had taken static grass off the scenery table due to the price of the applicator, this is much more reasonable; thanks.