3.5: Siskiyou Line - DCC: Managing loco consists

26 Oct 2013

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12:56 - Programming DCC diesel loco lashups (2006)

If your DCC layout is set in the diesel era, then running multi-unit loco lashups will be common operating procedure. Joe Fugate discusses in depth how to do speed matching to create DCC loco consists with locos that runn well together and allow you to have full access to the functions of your consisted locos.

Note: This video was originally shot in older Standard Definition and then upsampled to HD for TMTV. As a result, the image is softer than is typical for TrainMasters native HD video.


Great video, please show how you do the consisting in decoder pro next time.



Video not playing, gives error message not available.

It's Firefox. If you try a different browser the video will play fine.

We've also added the alternate player to make things easier.