3.2: Siskiyou Line - DCC: bus, boosters, turnouts

26 Oct 2013

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15:10 - DCC bus wiring basics,booster basics, DCC friendly turnouts (2006)

Joe Fugate covers many DCC wiring best practices in this how-to video. These best practices help you wire your layout so it's reliable and easy to debug.

With DCC, adequately powering your track via your layout power bus can make or break your layout's DCC performance and your ability to debug issues. This video segment discusses all the issues you need to consider while planning the foundational booster and power district side of your DCC layout wiring.

Dispel the confusion over DCC friendly turnouts and finally understand what your options really are for handling turnouts with DCC. Covers both live frog and dead frog options, plus Joe Fugate shows how to alter a non-DCC friendly turnout to make it compliant.

Many find the practical hints and tips in this chapter to be worth their weight in gold. 

Note: This video was originally shot in older Standard Definition and then upsampled to HD for TMTV. As a result, the image is softer than is typical for TrainMasters native HD video.


Kinda generic video on power districts and this video will have to be watched many times for most or some people to understand the concepts.  Thanks for the diagram on the use of a 1156 bulb on the frog.

Tim Garver