2019-06.4: Rob Spangler's Western Pacific 8th Sub

29 Jun 2019

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34:58 - May 2019 Act IV - Rob Spangler's WP 8th Sub (2019)

Rob Spangler models the Western Pacific's crossing of the US Great Basin precisely because it's been seldom modeled and Rob loves a scenic and operational challenge.


how about a tour of the railroad, 

We will be uploading a track plan in the next couple days if you want to see what's where.

We typically don't just walk around the railroad doing a town-by-town thing -- we prefer to let the modeler tell their layout story in a way that lets you get inside their head and learn what they were thinking. The approach is to give you take-aways you can use when doing your own layout. A town-by-town tour won't give you that.

The layout is beautiful.  The transition from 3D to 2D is excellent, Rob was really able to give the illusion of distance.  I also like the fact that he touched on how he made the scenery, it gave me a lot of ideas for my own layout.  The roads are very realistic, what material was used to make them??

The asphalt roads are sanded tile grout.  The rest are sifted sand.

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Very nice presentation, great footage and an interesting perspective on why the railroad exists. We share almost the same era's and that alone is worth the price the admission; the models are exquisite. Gorgeous layout, I truly wish I could make the convention to see it in person, thinking I'd rather railfan it than operate it.