2019-06.2: Working with brass, part 1 of 2

16 Jun 2019

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23:40 - June 2019 Act II - Working with brass,part 1 of 2 (2019)

Brass isn't a precious metal, but you can use it to make something precious. Jeff Young shows us the tools and techniques he uses, and Rick burns his fingers. Part 1 of 2.

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Glad to see photo etching (chemical milling) of brass was covered.  Recently I have had a few projects that could really use some custom photo etched parts.  At minute 6:55 Jeff mentions he send his artwork "out".  Please mention the contact info for the shop he uses for out sourcing his photo etching.  If posible please mention:

1) The range of thickness of material they can etch.

2) The dimensions of sheets that they can accomodate.

2) The materials they can etch.  (Brass, stainless steel, etc.)

Thank you in advance for lending us the benefit of your years of experience.  Though I have worked with brass over the years, I did learn a few new things.  

Take care and God bless!


While I enjoy all the presenters, as well as the content, I have to pick out Nigel for his somewhat light hearted and sometime amusinng commentary/hosting. It is a sad fact that most of us are old enough tp know better, I find that so many modelers are just "grumpy old men"... Nice to see someone who can laugh at himself.