2019-06.1: What's new at ESU/Loksound

07 Jun 2019

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30:54 - June 2019 Act I - What's New at ESU/Loksound (2019)

It's been a year since Matt Herman from ESU Loksound sat at the DCC Decoded workbench. He fills us in on what's been happening with manufacturing in China, introduces us to the new speaker housing kits, and shows off the new-generation Loksound 5 decoder.

(Note: This is an introductory announcement episode -- all the in-depth details are coming in future episodes.)

Act II: Working with brass, part 1...

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I know this probably isn't a highly requested feature, but with everything LokSound does and the amazing functionality that Matt talks about, is there still no thought to having an equalizer on board?

Great info and very informative. Looking forward to seeing more about the Loksound 5 DCC. An episode or two on modifying or customizing a project in Lokprogrammer 5 would be nice to see.

Next time Matt visits ask when a Lokprogammer 5 user manual will appear.