2019-05.4: Pelle Soeborg's Daneburg Subdivision

24 May 2019

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13:49 - May 2019 Act IV - Pelle Soeborg's Daneburg Sub (2019)

We visit with Chris Brimley of ExactRail and discover how they acquired Pelle Soeborg's world-class Daneburg Subdivision: truly a layout that's a treat to railfan on video.


Track plan PDF below.

Bonus: Pelle layout extra footage ...

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joef's picture

I have to say videoing and photographing this layout was such a joy.

I've seen a lot of layouts over the years thanks to my decade plus being a hobby publisher and my tenure as Layout Design SIG editor 1994-1998. Shooting this layout was so amazing -- there just aren't any bad angles. Any place you put the camera results in superb images and video!

Pelle has become a true master at the art of making miniature scenes, to be sure. 

espeelover's picture

I was just thinking how photogenic this layout is. I did not see anything amiss anywhere and considering it might hold the worlds record for most traveled HO layout ever, I am amazed at how good everything looked. Nicely done!

nice video, but how about. A tour of the layout. Pretend I'm from Pluto and don't stop by earth very often....

Pelle wasn't available to video. 

You got a tour of the layout -- it's the town of Daneburg and then rural Nebraska + staging ... all freelanced (no real locations). There, you've just toured the layout.

That's the trouble with a smaller layout. You can see all of it in about three shots and it takes a couple paragraphs to describe.

I think this layout has the best farm crop scenery I have ever seen.  It's outstanding!