2019-05.2: Adhesives for rolling stock

10 May 2019

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22:36 - May 2019 Act II - Adhesives for rolling stock (2019)

Pierre Oliver brings his stable of adhesives to the table with a focus on what's best for use on rolling stock.

Act III: Helpful DCC tools for your toolbox ...

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Tenax 7R is no longer sold, but the forumula is being used by a new vendor and you can find this glue on eBay here:


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Tenax-7R and its replacement JM Styrene Tack-it have as their main component methylene chloride. It's also known as dichloromethane or DCM. The stuff evaporates very quickly, even through a plastic bottle cap that's sealed. If you happen to leave the lid off the bottle overnight like I have, you will find half of the glue that was left is gone the next morning.

Also DCM metabolizes in your body to carbon monoxide and can cause damage to your liver, kidneys and other vital organs.

I have moved to Ethyl Acetate (EA), which is a naturally occurring substance in fruity wines, for instance. EA metabolizes to acetic acid (vinegar) and ethanol (drinking alcohol, like vodka) in our bodies. However, drinking EA straight won't do your liver any good (but some would argue the same for ethanol).

Another even safer solvent is N-Buytl Acetate (NBA), which is what gives bananas and delicious apples their fruity taste. It is used as a synthetic fruit flavoring in foods such as candy, ice cream, cheeses, and baked goods.

I have tested both EA and NBA and they are great substitutes for MEK. EA works almost as fast as MEK, and NBA works a bit slower than EA. I prefer EA as a much friendlier replacement for MEK and lacquer thinner.

But I would avoid JM Styrene Tack-It. It's really bad for you if you inhale it. As I have gotten older, the accumulated abuse to my body with harsh chemicals has started to catch up with me, and I've had health issues. Now I steer clear of harsh chemicals and look for environmentally friendly alternatives any place I can.

Is Barge contact cement available in Canada?