2019-02.5: Lee Nicholas layout bonus footage

02 Mar 2019

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14:35 - Feb 2019 Bonus - Lee Nicholas full uncut train footage (2019)

For those who just like to watch trains run on Lee Nicholas' Utah Colorado Western, we've gathered the full uncut running footage and compiled it into this bonus segment.  Go get your favorite beverage, sit back, and just enjoy watching UCW trains!


There is something to be said for just watching the trains run without any commentary. :)

What can i say?I'm in total "Awe" of Lee's layout,obviously a man who is into details.I was so impressed with the whole layout.I appreciate the fact that Lee uses "modern" scenery products in his scenery(no big clumps of ground foam).I love the different elevations of the landscaping.Thanks MRH for producing the "Bonus" footage,I really appreciate it.I also got to "hear" the locomotives this time,which sound really good.I may have to look further into this new Rail Pro Control system.