2019-02.4: Lee Nicholas' Utah Colorado Western

23 Feb 2019

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23:44 - Feb 2019 Act IV - Lee Nicholas' Utah Colorado Western (2019)

Lee Nicholas has built many interations of layout in his childhood home basement. Lee started the latest version of his Utah Colorado Western in 1995 and has evolved it into one of the hobby's leading layout destinations for operations-minded modelers.

Bonus: Lee Nicholas layout extra train running footage ...

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Thank you for presenting this video.  I love this railroad.  I have followed Lee's adventure for years and have learned a lot from it and him.  Lee is a wonderful ambassador for our hobby, always ready to help a fellow model railroader improve their skills and answer their questions, I among them.  I hope to one day, visit the UCW and meet Lee in person. :-)

Best, Andy Keeney 

I love this railroad.

Andy, you and Lee have something in common, then. He loves this railroad too, and said as much at the end of the video! ;-)