2019-02.3: Weathering stock cars

15 Feb 2019

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10:44 - Feb 2019 Act III - Weathering stock cars (2019)

Stock cars aren't boxcars when it comes to freight car weathering. Pierre Oliver shares his helpful techniques and tips to illustrate the subtle differences between Eastern road and Western road stock cars.

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Hi Trevor & Pierre,

I very much enjoyed this video as I have a number of stock cars that need weathering and I'm looking forward to using these methods. If I understood what was being said in the video, all the weathering products used were from AK Interactive.

I went to the AK Interactive website to get more information about the items used and could not find Desert Dust Pigment.  Is that the complete name?  What is the AK number?

These weathering videos have been great, very useful.  One request though:  please include a shot of the products used so the labels can be seen - manufacturer, color, item number, .....  This products in this video in particular were difficult to identify.



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Hi Jeff:

Thanks for the kind words - I'm glad you're enjoying this series on weathering. We're enjoying exploring products from "The Other Side Of The Hobby Shop".

Pierre is up to his eyeballs in work-related things right now - long days, away from home. But I sent him a quick note about your question and he'll respond sometime next week, when life returns to normal.

Thanks for your patience.


- Trevor

The "Desert Dust" pigment is in fact a Vallejo product. #73.121

Sorry for the confusion

Thank you, Pierre.  Now I can start working on my stock car fleet.