2019-02.2: SketchUp Revisited

09 Feb 2019

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23:07 - Feb 2019 Act II - SketchUp Revisited (2019)

Learn the basics of creating your very own 3D models with SketchUp! Miles Hale is here to demonstrate the exciting new features of SketchUp Make - a free software program for creating models in 3D.

Act III: Weathering stock cars ...

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Just to let you know you can still download SketchUp 2017 version for free. You have to do a little searching but it is available. The 2018 version that is on line does not work on Windows Explorer.

Just  watched SOME of the recent backshop clinic, Sketchup Revisited. I couldn't watch the whole thing as I got very tired of the moderator, Rick Green, talking over Miles Hale with "cutsey" conversation. I watch these secments for information and education. This segment is a total of 25 minutes the first 8 of which was cutsey diatribe. I lasted until a box with corners was created when I just couldn't watch anymore. Please, let banter and more information in the future.

Where can I get a list of the programs / extensions that Miles has on his screen? I would like to download them from the extension warehouse.

Besides waiting til 202 and having to travel (out of the country) which cannot be afforded, where can one learn Sketchup?