2019-01.3: Pan Pastel weathering

19 Jan 2019

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11:50 - Jan 2019 Act III - Pan Pastel weathering (2019)

Pierre Oliver has found that Pan Pastels are one quick and easy way to get a freight car fleet weathered and into service.

Act IV: Allagash Oxford County Branch ...

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Very nice.

Warflight's picture

Not sure if you were aware, but they actually make THREE sets of Pan Pastels for weathering.

Weathering, Rust/Earth, 7-Pack  (which you covered)

Weathering, Grays/Grime/Soot, 7-Pack (which you also covered)

Weathering, Scenery, 7-Pack  (it seems it's for weathering trees, and grass, and roads, and whatnot)

I hope that helps. (I just recently bought the "Rust/Earth" set, thanks to some discussion over at MRH... this video came out at just the right time for me!)

No, I was not aware.
Thanks for the info
Pierre Oliver

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I think I have a thought, before one starts to weather models, before you pick up a brush or anything, pick up a photograph first and see how it should look. There is always the internet and seaching if you don't have anything on hand. I know its been said before, but what if this somebodies first weathering video? I do need to try some of the new fangeled patels though.

What are the part numbers or stock numbers for those weathering kits?