2018-12.6: Season 5 layout footage, part 2

22 Dec 2018

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41:05 - Dec 2018 Bonus - Season 5 layout running footage, p2 (2018)

For those who just like to watch trains, we've gathered extra running footage from TrainMasters TV Season 5 layout tours into two compilations this year.  Grab your favorite holiday beverage, sit back and enjoy watching trains.  Part 2 of 2.

Layouts in this compilation:
- Roger Chrysler's Lake Erie & Northern Railway  (May 2018)
- David Heinbuck's ATSF Slaton Sub  (Jun 2018)
- Gerry Albers' Virginian Deepwater District  (Sep 2018)
- Curt LaRue's Pennsylvania Panhandle Div  (Oct 2018)
- Montréal, Vermont & Essex Railway  (Nov 2018)

Bonus 1: Season 5 layout running footage ...

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I found these two compilations very relaxing to watch.  Some truly wonderful shots.

That's what we wanted -- some holiday ODing on trains! What could be more delightful?

Absolutley a fantastic best of. These two videos are worth the price of TMTV alone!! Great modelling and great videography. My "go to" now when I need inspiration.  



These two compilation videos are fantastic!  Really enjoyed watching. 

Love to see some similarly done ops videos.