2018-12.4: Styrene fabrication, part 1

28 Dec 2018

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18:53 - Dec 2018 Act IV - Styrene fabrication, Part 1 (2018)

Jeff Young discusses the characteristics of styrene and using it to create beautiful models of just about anything.  Part 1 of 2

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Don't forget, choose a natural fibre paintbrush for applying styrene cement/solvent. If you use synthetic bristles, there's a good chance that you will melt them.

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Hi Guys, a product I find excellent for styrene work is the “Touch N Flow” applicator.  It is a hollow glass tube with a thin hollow needle at one end that you fill with solvent then when you touch it to where you want the solvent, it wicks out by capillary action.  I use a syringe and 2’ of r/c plane fuel line tubing to “load” the glass tube by sticking it in the solvent bottle and sucking it in just like a turkey baster.  I find the thin needle is perfect for running along a seam and doesn’t waste as much solvent from evaporation.  I’m sure you can see it on YouTube etc.   Keep up the good work!