2018-11.1: Weathering with AK Enamels

03 Nov 2018

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16:01 - Nov 2018 Act I - Weathering with AK Enamels (2018)

Pierre Oliver has recently started using AK Interactive enamels to weather his models, and he shares his findings.

Also in the November edition:
- DCC Decoded:  Tsunami2 for passenger trains
- Fired Up!:  Taking live steam on the road
- Layout Tour:  The Vermont & Essex Railway

Act II: Tsunami2 passenger operations ...

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LV.U23B.501's picture

I've been using the AK Interactive line of products for a while now.  Another product line in this genre is MIG Productions.  Both companies make quite a number of high quality washes, tints, filters, and pigments, along with chipping and streaking effects products.  They also make pigment fixers, and my favorite - Odorless Thinner.  Both AK and MIG have their own line of brushes, pipettes, masking boards, pallets, and a full line of paints.  If you love to weather, I'd encourage you to check out these product lines.