2018-07.4: Live steam using coal

28 Jul 2018

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27:14 - July 2018 Act IV - Fired Up! Firing with Coal (2018)

Trevor Marshall and Jeff Young kick off Season II of Fired Up! by steaming up a coal-burning locomotive.  This is about as close as anyone can get to operating their own steamer!


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I love this series! I'll probably never get a live steam engine, but I learn so much about steam, and how it all works from this series!

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Hi Warflight:

Thanks for the positive feedback - much apprecaited. We recognized when we shot this series that we would not encourage a lot of people to take up the live steam hobby. But we hoped that viewers would appreciate this engaging niche - and you're right: it's a great way to learn about how a real locomotive works. These are, after all, real locomotives: Just very tiny ones.

The lessons learned can indeed be applied to running steam on a layout powered by electricity - particularly with sound-equipped locomotives. Understanding how a real locomotive works will change how operators use all those function buttons to generate sounds like the blower, the injectors, and so on.

Happy modeling!

- Trevor

This was very cool.