2018-07.2: Weathering Flatcar Decks

13 Jul 2018

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15:44 - July 2018 Act II - Weathering Flatcar Decks (2018)

Are your railroad’s loads riding around on pristine flatcar decks?  Dirty them up with help from Pierre Oliver and a handful of artist’s oils.

Act III: Hiding electrical feeders ...

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Georonn's picture

Another great episode guys.  I love applying these weathering techniques I learn here to my models.  I’m going to give this a try.  I’ve never used oils before as I’ve been more a chalks, stains, and air brushed weathering person; but I really like the look you created here.  Thanks for taking the time to share this with the viewers.

George Ronn


The Notch 8 series hoste by Trevor Marshall is some of the most useful information I have learned from Trainmasters TV. This is true especially of the series featuring Pierre Oliver. I like seeing how others approach their modeling, the processes they use and the tools they use. Please keep this series going.

bart's picture

I can only echo what dbs-72 said.

It's always a pleasure to watch Pierre work.  I have used this technique as well, and it works very well.  Oils are so versatile, and also work well in conjunction with powders and the airbrush.  

A great way to obtain a realistic looking plastic deck or floor. Any chance of seeing a similiar technique to obtain an older looking deck or floor, one that has been exposed to years of sun rain and snow. I am thinking more grays but not sure how to get there.