2018-06.2: Who is Bob Lunde?

16 Jun 2018

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16:32 - June 2018 Act II - Who is Bob Lunde? (2018)

For 40 years, one man and his wife have been making your model railroad look amazing.  Bob Lunde has designed hundreds of structure kits that have made an appearance on almost every layout in North America.

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Thank you for doing this segment.  I own more of his kits than I care to admit, I've even built a few!  I'm very grateful for Bob's incredible volume of work.  I've stopped by his booth at shows over the years.  He's always been very generous with his time and knowledge.  In addition to what Miles and Rick highlighted here, I could of swore Bob told me he was involved with the Bachmann Spectrum Cityscenes line of buildings as well.