2018-03.3: Don Ball’s Stockton & Copperopolis

17 Mar 2018

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23:15 - Mar 2018 Act III - Don Ball’s Stockton & Copperopolis (2018)

One of the challenges that every prototype modeler faces is finding information about “what was there”, so that accurate models can be built.  That’s a big enough challenge when the prototype is 25 or 30 years in the past.  Don Ball is modeling a line that existed more than a century ago, the Stockton & Copperopolis Railroad.

Act IV:  Mounting trucks on resin kits ...

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great work. And I like how you guys showed the history on the layout.  Cool layout tour. Only complaint is I wish there were more;)

Thank you kindly for sharing your RR with us.  Your layout,  backed up with your historical info,  is a step way above most I've seen along with a great looking model layout.

Well done!


Warflight's picture

What is that???

Where can I find that????



Any information would be appriciated.

There's another engine I saw, that sparked my interest as well... is there a list of the power on the layout?

Very enjoyable video and a beautiful layout.  Thank you. :-)

 I had the pleasure of meeting Don in October  riding to operate an layout. I'd seen the article and knew a tad about the railroad.  His passion for his railroad was obvious. Watching this video reallly brought that point home. Now if I could only figure out how to go to KC to operate.....