2018-03.2: NCE “Light It” decoders for accessories

09 Mar 2018

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11:26 - Mar 2018 Act II - NCE “Light It” decoders for accessories (2018)

Ed Wilson demonstrates using NCE’s “Light It” decoders for adding lighting effects to layout details and accessories. Part 3 of 4.

>>Watch part 1: "Light It" for DC
>>Watch part 2: "Light It" for locos
>>Watch part 4: "Light It" for signals

Act III:  Don Ball's Stockton & Copperopolis ...

Don Ball's Stockton & Copperopolis


philw2015's picture

will they work with other systems like mrc

Best to contact the company directly; some elements from different DCC manufacturers do work together, others may not.

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Hi "philw2015"

The "Light It" decoder from NCE is a decoder. So yes, it'll work with any DCC system that conforms to the NMRA spec.

And as we mentioned in the first episode of this series, it'll even work withOUT DCC if all you want to do is add a lighting effect to a layout. For full information, check the Light It manual. It's available on the home page: https://www.ncedcc.com


- Trevor

I'm very interested in this sytem, and while you point out different applications such as the caboose rear end strobe and the flashing crossbucks you don't show any of the detail about how to get the led to the location where you want it to work.  For example must the board always be directly attached to the LED or can you extend the wiring of the LED from the board to put the light in a constricted space?  Only seeing the LED on the test board does not clearly demonstrate how to make each suggested application a reality  More details and examples please.