2018-02.5: Research with railroad maps

02 Mar 2018

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6.34 - Feb 2018 Bonus - Miles Library: Railroad Maps (2018)

Miles Hale invites you into his study to talk about accessing your local library as a source for modelling information.


All the long leggety beasties!  lol  


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Thanks for the "new to me" alternative map sources. I knew USGS, DeLorme, AAA, and Benchmark, but those reliefe maps are very cool! I even found a nice one for Arizona already.

The colored versions of the Sanborn Maps will also disclose the primary materials used for construction of the buildings.  For example the builings constructed of brick will be one color, wood another, and so on.  You can find the key here: https://www.loc.gov/rr/geogmap/sanborn/san12.html

I believe that the National Acrhives are in the process of digitizing every Sanborn Map produced for US cities and towns.   You can access the collection here: http://www.loc.gov/rr/geogmap/sanborn/

John Gibson.

Miles, thanks for this new topic segment on TMTV.  Two additional sourrces I have used frequently for used and out of print train books are Karen's Books in Vista, Calif. and Rons Books, Harrison, NY  Both have on-line web pages and both have been very helpful when I have been looking for a particular title.

Again thanks for getting ut to think about prototypes and maps for them.