2018-01.4: Installing running boards

23 Jan 2018

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10:35 - Jan 2018 Act IV - Installing running boards (2018)

Pierre Oliver has the solution for attaching etched-metal running boards to freight cars for the long haul.  But first - Are they running boards or “roofwalks”?


I believe the reason they are called running boards is NOT because you can run on them or walk on them. It is because they are a board that 'runs' the length of the car. and a collection of cars allows for a 'run' of  boards across several cars to facilitate going from one to the next without having to dismount from the train, hence running boards. Running being in this case an adjective, not a verb. 


Yet another great modeling tip and presentation video. Question I have is does the canopay glue work before painting or after. Will the canopy glue hold up on the running boards and car roof supports with solven base paint, i.e Scalecoat?

Leonard Lee Davis                              


It is preferred that all glue bonds be done on unpainted surfaces. Otherwise you're just bonding to the paint not the actual model.
Having said that, the canopy glue will adhere to painted surfaces, regardless of type of paint, as long as the paint is fully cured

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I actually know this... when i worked in Hollywood, if you were doing something with trains, and said "running boards" for whatever reason, the actors, and stunt men would start looking under the box car! (I still have no idea why)

If you said "roof walks" they knew what you meant. It's a walk way... on  the roof.

"Roof Walks" was a Hollywood term. It was safer to use language the actors and stunt people knew, than the correct terms. I'm assuming it bled into the rest of the world from there.

The correct term may have been a moral victory... but... replacing stunt men, and paying survivors insurance starts to get a bit expensive.

I'd like to purchase a copy of this video but the site has no way to do so. An email to the site-master was not responded to...


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