2018-01.3: Eric Goodman’s Santa Fe Emporia Sub

20 Jan 2018

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23:32 - Jan 2018 Act III - Eric Goodman’s Santa Fe (2018)

It’s often said that a model railroad is a time machine - allowing us to experience a railroad that no longer exists in reality.   Real railroading has changed a lot, even in the past couple of decades - and what was once considered modern is now part of history, too.  It’s this recent past that Eric Goodman is trying to recapture in his layout room.

Act IV:  Notch 8 - Intalling running boards ...

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Great video and fantastic layout! Video's like this keep me as a subscriber.

Great job on the layout, Eric and great video Trainmasters TV

Great video..... TMTV needs more layout visits like this!

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Awesome job Eric.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  I’m working on my own little empire and your video motivated me even more.  Respect Pimp

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I enjoyed the video very much. 

Pretty sweet

Any chance we can  get a little bit of information about how the backdrops were done? They are the best i have seen. The entire layout is extremely well done and it has taught me a number of things as Im starting my double deck layout.

Thank you for sharing Eric. I admire your work.



Toms River, NJ


Excellent! I enjoy layouts photographed from a railfan-level viewpoint instead of the classic "helicopter shot" that makes everything look like a toy. Eric did a great job of explaining how his part of the Santa Fe looks and runs.

Hey Joseph,

The backdrops are commercially made backdrops from trainjunkies.com.  Great stuff.  They are glued to the wall in spots and tacked up with glue strips in other locations.  The key to the realism is to try and match scenery to the backdrop to make it looks like a continuous scene.