2017-12.4: Fixing Warped Resin Kits

22 Dec 2017

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17:40 - Dec 2017 Act IV - Fixing Warped Resin Kits (2017)

Pierre Oliver shows us examples of warped resin rolling stock and techniques for getting things straightened out.


Once again, a great, practical episode of Notch Eight with Pierre and Trevor.  Good discussion of resin that can't be fixed.  Good illustrations of correcting resin issues with both the tank car frame heat and the box car bulkheads.  i've learned to install bulkheads, even in good flat casting house cars, just to resist rough handling.   (It happens)

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Great episode.  Thanks to you and Trevor for sharing your tips and techniques.  As a professional model builder, what percent of resin kits need to be “fixed” in some way by heating or making bulkheads.  Is it 2%, 5%, 20%?  I’ve not risked buying any resin kits to date because of all the tales I’ve heard about the warping.



Does this technique work on styrene? Is 212 F too hot for styrene?

far fewer kits need sorting out then you might think. Less than 1% these days. The older kits, (from 30 years ago) are far more troublesome.
Most eveything from the last 20 years shouldn't give you trouble

Doubtful that styrene would work the same way, entirely different chemistry involved.
thanks for watching

Pierre Oliver

I received a kit that had a twisted part; luckily I checked it before I put it on the shelf. The manufacturer quickly replaced the part AND suggested I use the old part as a straitening practice piece; suggesting the hot water trick. Nice to see the technique demonstrated - thanks Pierre and Trevor.