2017-11.4: Bill Scobie’s Rio Grande Southern, pt. 1

26 Nov 2017

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16:02- Nov 2017 Act IV - Bill Scobie’s Rio Grande Southern, pt. 1 (2017)

The story of the Rio Grande Southern Railway has enchanted legions of modellers from around the world. But few have answered the call quite like Bill Scobie, who has been re-creating the railroad in Sn3 on a massive scale in his basement for more than 30 years.  Part 1 of 2.

Watch part 2 here >>


Beautiful and way to many questions for a single comment. Oh to have such space.

Hey Guys,


Thanks for the content. Your window for sign/log in does not work for me from a video page.

Use the login on the top menu (right). That one works all the time, whereas the purple button on the videos doesn't always seem to work.

I am constantly amazed by the Canadian content on TMTV! Keep it up.


Dean Purcell

Bracebridge, Ontario