2017-10.3: Notch 8: Weathering Steam part 2

20 Oct 2017

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33:49 - Oct 2017 Act III - Notch 8: Weathering Steam: 2 (2017)

Alan Houtz from Iwata-Medea airbrushes discusses how steam engines get grimy, and shows us methods for weathering freight locomotives.  Part 2 of 3.

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Act IV:  Start Small, THINK BIG: Operation ...

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Warflight's picture

​Welp... looks like an airbrush set is on November's shopping list now.

CN6401's picture


Great job, more so on this loco then the last!

You mentioned at the beginning that you are using Watercolour Paint, What brand are you using?

Ralph Renzetti

I use the Iwata ComArt weathering paints and their photo gray set.  Airbrush ready and very user friendly!

Very good video, talented painter.
BUT ... it would be better to have more camera shots behind the painter, to better follow his work.
And would it be possible to add inlays of text with the paint mark and the color used ?