2017-10.2: Making structures using a computer

13 Oct 2017

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28:36 - Oct 2017 Act II - Digital structures (2017)

Miles Hale shows us how he uses Model Builder Software to design and print his own custom flats and background buildings.

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Great episode guys.  I love the concept of printing structures, especially for a building that is not available as a commercial structure.  Is it really necessary to print the file to a PDF in order to export it?  Doesn’t the software give you the option to save it as a tiff or a jpeg?  Does it only save in the program’s native format?  George Ronn

A series of brief tutorials on using Model Builder Software can be found at:


Also see Lance Mindheim's article in MRH January 2012 on 'Building Photo Laminated Structures" .  Much of the article discusses manipulating a photo to create a building ... but use  Model Builder to bypass that step.  The balance of the article will be useful in any Model Builder project.

I will use Model Builder to create the tin-roof stucco buildings common in Central America for my  railroad.

Miles reffered to an NMRA magazine article.  Can someone tell me which issue?