2017-10.1: Railway Life: part 2

07 Oct 2017

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19:20 - Oct 2017 Act I - Railway Life: part 2 (2017)

At one time Salamanca, New York was a thriving transportation hub.  Nowadays there isn’t a lot going on in this city that the railroads have forgotten.  Stan Carlson is a fourth-generation railroader, and the curator and lead volunteer at the Salamanca Railroad Museum.  His passion for telling the story of his town - and the trains that served it - is keeping railroad history alive… for now.  Part 2 of 2.

Railway Life is an Official Selection of the Belleville Downtown DocFest

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Also in this month's show:
- The Backshop Clinic: Modeling structures with computer software
- Start Small, THINK BIG:  Operations
- Notch 8:  More on weathering steam locomotives with an airbrush

Act II: Making structures using a computer ...

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Interesting video, very well done!


Warflight's picture

After watching this, I think I want to go see if they need some volunteers down at my local museum.

La Mesa Depot (Not to be confused with the LaMesa model rain club at Balboa Park) is a small little museum, that consists of the depot, a 0-6-0T switcher, a Pacific Fruit reefer (the kind you drop ice in the roof of) and a caboose. From what I can tell by being there, it's just one really old guy who gives tours on Saturdays, while arguing with his wife on the phone as to why he isn't home yet, and no, he will NOT simply tell everyone to leave.

Kinda my dream life, to be honest...

It's a wonderful little museum, that I want to see stay around for a long time to come (because we need places like this in the world) and this segment really hammers home that importance of these places.

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This was a great 2-part segment on the rail life. Stan is a great steward of the railroad community, and I wish him and the museum the best.

This is just another example of what makes Trainmasters so good.

Can sympathize with the plight of Salamanca. Found both segments very interesting. As a West Virginian who has witnessed the decline of both the coal and rail industry in my home state; it is easy to find and appreciate the similarities with Salamanca. Can only wish Mr Carlson the best as he tries to preserve the memory of a once thriving time. Thanks to TMTV for providing this informative and enteraining programming. Also, being a long time B&O fan I especially liked the connection.

I finally got a chance to view both part 1 and 2 of these video segmants . Knowing Stan Personally , I feel for Him on this project of keeping the museum alive he has put alot of work in to this place for the last several years . I first met him in September 2013 not long after the Museum had lost its Curator . He told me things have been looking better lately for the Museums future . I am Glad to see that . A fan of the BR&P Railroad and whats left of it today I would like  to see a few pieces of History stick around from the BR&P, B&O, Chessie system era of this line . Stans a great guy and has always been very helpfull with info anytime I have talk to or visited him . He even shared some Blueprints of the Old BR&P Stations so I can build one of my own its only taken from 2013 to do so . 


A very enjoyable story.  Stan is an inspiration to many of us.  I wish him and his museum the best in the future. Best, Andy K.