2017-09.2: Start Small, THINK BIG: Details (pt.9)

09 Sep 2017

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38:00 - September 2017 Act II - Start Small, THINK BIG: Details (2017)

Miles Hale is building a project layout in the TrainMasters TV studio using the principles of The "One Module" Approach, also known as TOMA.  This time around he’s joined by modeller Bob Fallowfield as they add scenic details to the railroad.  Miles also shows how he integrates LED and fibre-optic lighting systems from two different manufacturers into the layout.

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P Hanzlik's picture

The video was another great one. I just wasn't sure how it's possible to hook up 40 lights to the little woodlands scenic box.  That wasn't clear to me.  I thought you could hook up one light per port.  If someone could explain I'd appreciate your time.

Thank you 





I agree, I would like to see a short discussion on Miles' plug expansion idea. Just picked up a bunch of Just Plug items on deep clearance at my local Hobby Lobby. Plan on using them to light up my steam locomotive terminal. I think I will do some experimenting with adding LEDs to the Pololu plugs and see what happens. Up to 40 lights per Light Hub would be awesome!