2017-08.1: Assembling Flat Resin Kits, part 2

04 Aug 2017

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12:26 - August 2017 Act I - Assembling Flat Resin Kits, part 2 (2017)

Did you know that the majority of resin freight car kits are still sitting on shelves, unassembled?  What’s holding us back?  Rolling stock kit builder Pierre Oliver show us how easy it is to put together flat-cast kits.  Part 2 of 2.

Did you miss part 1? Watch part 1 here.

COOL TOOLS episode 1
Act I also introduces a new TMTV series, “Cool Tools”.  Miles Hale and Trevor Marshall show off some of their favorite modeling tools.
Where can you find these tools?
- Needle tip liquid flux dispensor >> click here (Amazon)
- Proportional dividers >> click here (Amazon)
- Great Divider automatic dividing ruler >> click here (scroll down).

Also in this month's show:
- Adhesives for models, in The Backshop Clinic
- Adding foliage to our TOMA project layout, with Miles and Fran Hale
- The Operations Roadshow, on Crew Call

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Act II: Start Small, THINK BIG: Scenery, part 2 ...

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I VERY MUCH appreciate Notch 8, especially when Pierre Oliver demonstrates a modeling technique.  The interplay between accomplished modelers Trevor Marshall and Pierre Oliver is worth all of my TMT subscription!  The last two episodes on buiklding flat resin kits has been very good.  Although I have built a number of resin kits, I have many more to go.  That effort has been on hiatus while my dream monster layout has been under construction, but Pierre and Trevor have me itching to pull out a box (car) and start building (modeling) again.  Most of us develop our own techniques for flat kits, but it is always interesting to see other's take on the process.  Given Perre's experience, I have been all ears and eyes on this set of episodes.        --Bill Decker

Very much enjoyed the first two parts on building flat resin kits but is there going to be additional parts?  Very interesting and hope there is more to come soon.  All the best, mike garber