2017-06.3: Start Small, THINK BIG: Structures (pt 6)

18 Jun 2017

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24:25 - June 2017 Act III - Start Small, THINK BIG: Structures (2017)

TrainMasters TV producer Barry Silverthorn jumps in front of the camera with Miles Hale to discuss his approach to adding structures to our TOMA project layout, with tips on kitbashing, simulating brick mortar and grease spills at the roundhouse, backdrop buildings, and more.

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Track Plan of the turntable module section ...

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espeelover's picture

Got me thinking. There is a rather intricate layout rebuild strarting here at home, and video's like this not only furnish a number of unthought of situations that need to be addressed, but more importantly, give one a little push in the inspiration department, which is really needed right now. Keep up the great work, the timing on this series could not be more appropriate for this TMTV fan.

Excellent segment!!  The roundhouse section has me rethinking my track plan, I'd like to copy that design.

Wow!  Love the super abundannt number of building tips!  Looking forward to more episodes like this (and MRH articles). 

LV.U23B.501's picture

I really enjoyed this episode.  Thanks for the great tip for applying scenery around the base of buildings.  The process I used was much slower.  It won't be anymore!  Thanks!! 

Well done video with good teamwork banter and concise descriptions. It stayed moving.