2017-06.2: Applying waterslide decals

09 Jun 2017

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26:24 - June 2017 Act II - Applying waterslide decals (2017)

Rolling stock builder Pierre Oliver takes us through the process of lettering a boxcar using waterslide decals.

For the first segment describing what car lettering you need, see:
Notch 8: Deciphering freight car data

Act III: Start Small, THINK BIG: Structures ...

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I've been painting and decaling for decades, and never thought to use a divider to ensure consistant measuring,   I've always used the steel ruler method.  Yet, as previous videos have mentioned,  our eyes tend to struggle as we age.  So seeing the 32nd's and 64th's on the steel ruler is getting to be a challenge!  

I had the thought that another good use for the divider would be to ensure accurate lines during masking.  

Great tip guys!!  Thanks!!

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Wow I have been doing this all wrong, luckally they have turned out ok. Thank for all the info, now they will turn out wonderfully. thank TMTV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great!  I'm just getting back into this after too many years and found this to be a wonderful refresher.  Picked up some new tips as well.  Thanks



I thought if the decals were applied to a gloss finish then after all setting solution steps one should regloss the car, then when dry flat finish it. I thought the second gloss coat over the decal did a better job hiding the edges. Maybe that was old school with thick decals like Champ?

That certainly was the case with the older, thicker decals. But I've found that with the thinner films available a second gloss coat is not required.
But whatever works for you.

Thank you for taking the time to answer Pierre.

Good stuff Pierre. Decals make me sweat - mainly due to lack of experience applying them. Like your previous videos, you did a great job shoeing that the process is a straight forward, systematic one. Thanks. 

You're doing reruns now?

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This segment "premiered" in the June 2017 show.  You can go back and watch it at any time.  However, it has never been "rerun" in another show or in another month.  We have never repeated a segment.