2017-02.1: Amherst Show report, pt 1

04 Feb 2017

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19:08 - Feb 2017 Act I - Amherst Show report, pt 1 (2017)

It’s show time!  Here’s the first of a two-part report from the 2017 Amherst Railway Society's Railroad Hobby Show in Springfield, Massachusetts, including live steam club, all-in-one tools for makers, new products for modeling water, and a great way to ride the rails and get some exercise too! Also see show report part 2.

Also in the February show:
- Amherst Show Report - Part 2
- Start Small, Think Big - TOMA layout design
- The Backshop Clinic - Retaining walls
- and more…

Act II: Amherst Show, part 2 ...

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Miles. Terrific report am looking foward to the second video on this show . Well done TMTV .

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The new water products from Woodland Scenics portion was very informative.

Loved that demo of the StepCraft!  I never would have known about it if it weren't for your video, Miles.  Thanks.