2016-12.3: Loksound Decoder Sound Loading

16 Dec 2016

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20:43 - Dec 2016 Act III - Loksound Decoder Sound Loading (2016

Matt Herman from ESU demonstrates how to load sound and data onto a LokSound Select decoder using their LokProgrammer. 

In the January 2017 edition, Matt installs this decoder and speakers in a Bowser SD40-2.

Also see: Loksound Decoder/Bowser Install

Act IV: Jim EuDaly’s Chesapeake & Ohio ...

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Hi Guys

Thanks Matthew, your videos are getting better and better all the time. I learn something new with every video I watch

Also, your a true master at explaining things, your so clear and precise and I like the quick little jokes.

Being a BCR man I like that you brought along the BC Rail engines.

Many thanks to you and Train Masters.


Greg Mostardi

Vancouver BC