2016-11.2: The narrow gauge niche

10 Nov 2016

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17:56 - Nov 2016 Act II - Narrow gauge niche (2016)

David Woodhead has been a fan of narrow-gauge railroads for over 50 years.  His 3’ X 4’ North Hastings Feldspar Company display layout features two-foot and three-foot gauge equipment.  He discusses his fascination with the slim gauges, and shares some of his modelling philosophy and techniques.


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I thoroughly enjoyed this video; it was well presented by Dave, who obviously has a particular love for the more detailed, more miniscule view of a railroad built to show off these attributes.  I especially enjoyed seeing (once again) Dr. Dohn's "Crooked Creek" railroad, which also fascinated me when I first saw it in print so many years ago. I'm still intrigued by it, and still have a copy of the original article. (I even built one of the stub switches featured there, and it worked!) I'm glad to hear that more videos of this layout are forthcoming, and I'm sure they will be equally fascinating. Keep up the good work!


                                                                           Fred B.


Thank you David and Host, Wow realistic beauty and glad to hear more is coming.  Can't wait!


Hector - TEXAS

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David: Yes - it's my fault.

The locomotive you mention early in the video as the reason you built this On2 display was one I originally acquired from Keith Sirman - a well-known photo dealer. He knew that I was working in On2 at the time - building a freelanced Maine two-footer - and had some On2 equipment he wanted to move on to a good home.

While his beautiful little On2 mdoel was not appropriate for my modeling interests, I figured I could find someone who would put it to good use. And you certainly have!

Nice to see it in action on TMTV.


- Trevor

PS: Rick - love the idea of the catapult! You're adding a lovely dose of humor to the segments you host. I hope to see more of you on the show.

 Great little railroad, I really like how the White Buliding POPS against everything else...


Tom Gregory