2016-09.5: Bonus - Lubing locomotives

01 Oct 2016

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13:39 - Sept 2016 Bonus - Locomotive Lubrication (2016)

A TrainMasters viewer emailed us, requesting a video segment on lubricating locomotives.  Pierre Oliver was a guest in the studio that day, so we placed some locos on the table and challenged him to take them apart and grease ‘em.  He’s such a good sport!  

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I greatly appreciate your quick and thorough response to my questions! I learned a great deal from this. Thank you!


Very good.  If you do any more lube videos you might mention that older Proto2000 locos were factory lubed with a grease that degrades over time.  Now that some of these units are 15 or more years old we are seeing that the original grease turned into a gummy hard mess that actually impedes gear movement.  These units need to be disassembled and have their gears cleaned off.  Then one relubes with LaBelle or other good lubricant and the difference in operation is amazing.