2016-09.1: Expanding an NCE Powercab system

03 Sep 2016

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13:58 - September 2016 Act I - NCE Powercab system expansion (2016)

In this segment, Ed Wilson shows us how to add a expand the NCE Powercab  starter system to supply additional power for locomotives and add throttles for more operators. 

Series episodes include (click to watch):

1: Starting DCC with the Powercab

2: Expanding an NCE Powercab system (this episode)

3: NCE Powercab system accessories

4. Basic decoder programming with JMRI 

Also in the September 2016 show: (Watch Preview)

- Handcrafting your own turnouts at the workbench
- Adding dirt, rust, and grime with an airbrush - wrapup on our airbrushing series
- Setting your sights on better vision - eyesight tips for modelers

... And more bonus content!

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Act II: Hand-laying turnouts with fixtures ...

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how do you add more than 2 cabs..





This series is great! I would like to see detailed info on how to use function mapping as some of the functions on my power cab buttons have changed positions. Also, info on connecting to a wireless  cab when you have incorporated the SB5 on the layout and need more flexibility for additional operators. Thanks, Skip 


I own an NCE system and am enjoying the this series. I have been looking for more indepth information on video of the NCE system and have yet to find it until now. Bravo Train Masters TV for doing this series. Please invite Digitrax to do the same as I am interested in their product as well. It would be a great compararison of these two very fine systems. I think a caomparison of the systems would give us a better understanding of which system is right for them. I wish I had seen a comparison of these system before bought mine so that I would have been better informed on which system was right for me now and in the for the future for expansion. Again bravo for diong this series.

Super thanks for the information. For me the next step might be how to transform my NCE system into a wireless one. It will be interesting to use the same formet to show us how to acheive that. once again thank you for giiving us this kind of step by step video.