2016-08.4: Vendor Profile: Rapido Trains

26 Aug 2016

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17:53 - August 2016 Act IV - Vendor Profile: Rapido Trains (2016)

We were going to call this segment “Keeping Up with Rapido Trains”, but with a guy like Rapido-founder Jason Shron at the throttle there is no keeping up!  Jason and his “product development guy", Dan Darnell, stopped by the TrainMasters TV studio to talk about what Rapido Trains has been up to.

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Great video, guys!

If you want a perfect example of someone with passion for the hobby, look no further than Jason Shron. What a tremendous product line, and it only gets better and better. Makes me want to backdate my Allagash Railway so I can roster FA2s!

I was pleased to have Jason visit here and run a couple of trains on the Allagash last year. Great guy. I'll never forgot seeing him jump out of the car, dressed in a vintage Montreal Canadiens (note spelling) hockey sweater (not a jersey dammit, a sweater!). 

Wish the interview was MUCH longer, and also wish the questions were a bit deeper, without the jokes. This is a guy who has a lot of very important things to say and is lightyears ahead of his competition, from so many perspectives. I'd reccomend a much deeper follow-up.

Mike Confalone

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