2016-08.3: Starting DCC with the Powercab

20 Aug 2016

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22:31 - August 2016 Act III - NCE Power cab Unboxing (2016)

In this new series of DCC Decoded episodes, Ed Wilson from NCE Corporation will discuss integrating their DCC system into your layout, covering topics such as expanding the system to include more operators and increasing engine capacity, adding accessories, and using JMRI to manage your locomotive fleet.  But first, Ed unboxes the Powercab system and helps new users get trains running in minutes.  Even if you’re familiar with the Powercab system, we think you’ll want to follow this series from the start.

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Series episodes include (click to watch):

1: Starting DCC with the Powercab (this episode)

2: Expanding an NCE Powercab system

3: NCE Powercab system accessories

4. Basic decoder programming with JMRI 

Act IV: Vendor Profile - Rapido Trains ...

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Thanks for a very imformative video. I am in the market for a DCC system and have been heavily considering NCE.

I have had a DCC system for several years and I have recently been thinking of switching to NCE. NIce to see an intro video that really DOES stick to the basics so that a newcomer isn't intimidated or confused --- the fellow from NCE does a really good job!!

Great video!  Am waiting for the next installment.

For a long time I hesitated from getting a DCC systems because electronics is my least favorite aspect of the hobby.  Finally, I purchased an NCE wireless system about 5 years ago after a considerable amount of research.  After using other brands on a club layout and on friends layouts, NCE is way easier to use.  If you get one their systems, you won't regret it.  I model n-scale and the first thing I noticed is how much smoother and slower my locomotives operated using DCC.  If you are just starting I suggest you purchase a locomotive that already has a decoder installed or if you have a locomotive that takes a drop in decoder, install one in that locomotive.  When I received my NCE system, I hooked it up to the layout.  In twenty minutes I was running a train. NCE has great customer service and there are how to video's on YouTube if you don't have a MR friend with a NCE system to ask questions.  No, I don't work for NCE.  

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Perfect timing, I just purchased my first DCC equiped Locomotive from Blackstone, and have been considering the NCE system. Looks loke it's very easy to set up and run as well as expand as I need. Ordering a new Powercab now!