2016-08.2: Wally Brady’s Canadian National

12 Aug 2016

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13:22- August 2016 Act II - Wally Brady’s Canadian National (2016)

For Wally Brady, building a layout based on the Canadian National Plymouth Division presented a welcome modelling challenge - one that made his hobby unique at a time when only a half-dozen paint schemes dominated model railroading.

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Wally's layout is a real looker!  Just love his attitude about the hobby - "Have FUN and ENJOY!"   Well done TMTV, Thanks!


Thanks for producing this video.  As a long time friend and modeler, I'm thrilled to be able to see Wally's layout brought to life through video.  Wally is not only a great guy but he's also a great modeler.  This video captures his vision of how he inteded the layout to be seen and enjoyed by visitors.  Wally enjoys visitors at any time and participates in a layout tour open house weekend that runs every April. Pay him a visit.  As this wonderful video shows Wally's work, a personal visit reveals even more.

Steve Solombrino

Thanks to Barry and Joe for sharing my layout with all of our viewers

Living in Plymouth, MA, I've had the real pleasure of actually seeing this layout.

Wally is a refreshing individual who has spent a lot of time building a truly great layout.He may not get (or want) the publicity earned by a lot of other big time builders, but that in no way should diminish the praise for what he's accomplished.

My wife and visited Wally's layout just this past April. heck of nice guy. If you live in New England you should look him up.


Wally, outstanding railroad and I love the theme "CN" looks great!!!


Great video! I love Wally's layout, but even moreso I love his attitude. Congratulations Wally on a fantastic layout.

Really quite awe inspiring both from a model and modeller standpoint. Loved this vid...

Awesome! Thanks!

What a great attitude and what a great guy.  How could the layout be anything but great.  

Wally    well done I am impressed with the CN Red&black colour scheme . Like you said Enjoy and have fun Again very well done

Smokey Dawson   Australia

P Hanzlik's picture

awesome job by such a likeable guy.  Super-elevated curves really stood out.  One guy did all that..  If someone said that was a club layout I'd believe it.