2016-05.4: Loksound “Full Throttle” Demo

27 May 2016

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40:27 - May 2016 Act IV - Loksound “Full Throttle” Demo (2016)

Matt Herman from ESU returns to DCC Decoded and gives an in-depth demonstration of ESU’s newly-released “Full Throttle” sound.

Checkout this bonus video short ...

Bonus: ESU/Loksound Decoder >aha moment< clever tip!

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Can this be loaded into TCS n scale decoders and will it perform the same??
Thanks, bill

Bill, this is ESU/LokSound, not TCS decoders. From the ESU/LokSound website ...

  • LokSound V4.0

    Our new LokSound V4.0 decoder for gauge HO and O can be operated with DCC, Motorola® and Selectrix® and shines with a range of new ideas...

  • LokSound micro V4.0

    The LokSound micro V4.0 also speaks DCC, Selectrix® and Motorola®. Due to its small shape it is perfectly suitable for TT and N gauges.

LokSound V4 (above) have the most programmable feature set, LokSound Select are less customizable and are the "economy" brand (also available in the micro form factor for TT and N). The new Full Throttle upgrade works with both Loksound V4 and LokSound Select.

So yes, works for N scale too, is the short answer.

Here's an example from the Tonys Trains website ...

ESU LokSound Micro Select Installation in Atlas N Dash 8-40CW

Hank Boiselle, our Master N scale Installer and resident ESU expert, installed an ESu LokSound Select Micro in an Atlas Dash 8-40CW. Hank reworked the frame by removing apx 0.25mm from the side and reducing the height another 0.30mm under the speakers. This allowed Hank to build two custom enclosures to accomodate two of our SuperSonic Mini Speakers. Hank then mounted two 0603 smd LEDs on the end of each enclosure for the loco’s lighting.

Even though you still end up playing the throttle the results are great. Makes me reconsider my next hobby purchase.